James Yastion Law Office Website motion mockup on a desktop

Client Need

The Law Offices of James Yastion, PLLC needed a website redesign to update its brand identity and and improve its presence on the web. The design was built to reach out to prospective clients, as well as current clients, conveying the firm is professional and reliable. We integrated the current logo and color palette with the website redesign, so it maintained a familiar look to current clients, but would at the same time show that the firm is improving its web presence to serve them better. It was built on a WordPress platform allowing the firm to maintain the site internally, where they can add new copy and images as needed.

James Yastion Law Office Website motion mockup on a laptop

Gilday Creative Plan

The site map was revised to improve navigation while providing useful information to clients. The font size for the navigation and website copy are slightly larger than normal because the typical demographic of estate attorneys is of older clients and they would require larger sized fonts for improved legibility. The navigation was also changed to accommodate the new interactive forms that allow potential clients to access and fill them out electronically. Interactive forms should have business owner’s frequently asked questions listed to save time time for the business owner and potential clients, but also to help potential clients prepare for in-person meetings. The site map was simplified to make navigation for potential clients clear and intuitive.

James Yastion Law Office mobile website mockup

The Results

To assist us with the website redesign we worked with Rachael Kristina Photography, who conducted a photo shoot of James Yastion and his law offices in action. The images convey trust, empathy, and understanding, allowing potential clients to know the law firm. Both color and black and white photographs were used throughout the site. Finally, the website is mobile responsive, standard for all websites developed by Gilday Creative, Inc., allowing clients to view the site on desktops, tablets, or smart phones.

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