We elevate, Celebrate, and advance your business

We are a digitally forward independent website and graphic design agency based in the Hudson Valley that crafts strategies and design experiences to make things better. We’re passionate about coming up with ideas that go beyond the expected, telling stories that are smart and interesting, and about helping brands become icons.

Our Design Process


Our design process begins with us listening and learning about your organization, understanding your products and services, and getting to know who your clients are. We believe in developing a strong and lasting relationship with your organization to provide you with marketing strategies that are relevant, valuable, and timely to your company.


Whether we have created a strategy for you or you have developed your own, we provide the best tools in the market designed to attract new clients, increase retention rate, highlight your products and services, and move your organization ahead of the competition.


One of our greatest passions is keeping your project on budget and seeing a quality product delivered on time. We manage every piece of your project from pre-production to delivery to ensure that you are getting the highest quality. Our team strives to provide the best customer service in the industry, defining who we are.

Our Core Values

At Gilday Creative, One Of Our Core Principals Is Giving Back To The Community We Live In.

Be it in our local Hudson Valley community or to a national community that cares about bettering our world. We believe that we are only as good as to what we give back, because that makes us who we are. The founders and staff of Gilday Creative regularly volunteer their time and talents to make our towns and community a better place… to live, to help a dog or cat find a home, to raise funds for the underprivileged… the list goes on.

We also provide a deeply discounted non-profit rate to clients that qualify, because we understand that the funds they work so hard to raise should go toward helping their cause, not toward administrative costs.

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