Hickory BBQ Website motion Mockup

Client Need

Hickory BBQ and Smokehouse, on Route 28 in Kingston, NY is a family owned restaurant with roots. Ma and Doc Hickory came to the Catskills in the early 1970s armed with four children, a barbecue, and a taste for traditional American barbecue food. With his two eldest sons at his knee, Doc Hickory spent the next thirty years, rubbing, smoking, grilling, seasoning, saucing, and basting the finest traditional and non-traditional barbecue meats. In 2002, the Hickory brothers along with their hardworking and very understanding wives, decided to answer and honor the family calling and open their first restaurant in Kingston. The original inspiration, Ma & Doc, can often be seen around the restaurant, and the menu is sprinkled with their creations as well as other authentic smokehouse dishes from the country’s most popular barbecue regions.

But, times change, and as Hickory BBQ’s  business grew its website needed to change with it. The website not only needed to reflect their delicious food and strong family history, but the website needed modern look with a responsive design to allow users to access to the site across all platforms (desktop, tablets, and smartphones).

Gilday Creative Plan

We took advantage of Hickory’s amazing library of photographs of their restaurant and their delicious food when designing their WordPress website.  We thought that the images were so well done that they would drive the overall design.  Furthermore, we developed the site with responsive website design, standard for all websites developed by Gilday Creative, to allow users to find their information across multiple platforms. This is key based on Hickory’s location on Route 28, just a few miles from the Thruway exit.  As tourists are traveling through the area, passengers can research restaurants in the area, with Hickory’s easily accessible on mobile devices.

Hickory BBQ Mobile devices

The Results

Whether they are looking for Hickory to cater a business function from their work desk, driving back from a ski trip up Route 28 searching for restaurants on their mobile phone, or just looking on their ipad for a family friendly restaurant to take the kids after practice, the responsive website design gives Hickory a competitive advantage by ensuring all users have easy access to the restaurant’s information.

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