Firework Safety Infographic

Independence Day is a time for family, fun, celebrating our freedom, and… of course… Fireworks! Below is the our firework safety infographic we designed.

This year we wanted to create something that would not only celebrate the holiday, but also be informative and help bring attention to an issue that is close to us. Our office dog Odin has suffered from anxiety when thunderstorms pass overhead and it has now developed into a fear of anything loud such as, you guessed it, Fireworks! In our research to create an infographic for pets, we also found that not only are pets fearful of the loud noises but military veterans can be, too! Military veterans who have PTSD can be negatively affected by the loud, unexpected noises because it reminds them of explosions and gunfire, and can take weeks to recover. We decided to combine them into one helpful infographic to help both!

Please see below and feel free to share among your friends and family! Please help us track how far this graphic goes by adding #gildaycreative to your social media posts!

Firework Pet and Veteran Safety Infographic

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