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Completing this planner is required prior to receiving a proposal from Gilday Creative, Inc. Going through the process of answering all of these questions will help you as a business owner decide what kind of site you want, and what your priorities are. Research your competition, get to know your audience and really come up with a plan that makes sense for your business.

Feel free to take your time. You can save your form and come back later.

If you require, we can schedule a meeting to assist in completing the planner.

  • Project Scope

  • A typical website takes 8-12 weeks to launch. However, projects can be rushed at an additional cost or be built in phases.
    Note: The budget ranges are only estimates. A project cost will be specified in our proposal based on your project’s scope.
  • Please comment on their strengths and/or weaknesses.
  • Could be completely outside of your business or industry.
  • Your Audience

  • An example of user groups for an educational site might include parents, teachers, students, donors, and alumni.
  • Examples include: Curiosity about or passionate interest in subject matter, desire to help a cause/become involved, business need requiring software solution.
  • Your Brand

  • Sample feelings might include: warmth, friendliness, reassurance, comfort, or excitement. Sample brand attributes might include: caring, honesty, humor, professionalism, intelligence, technological savvy, sophistication, reliability, and trustworthiness.
  • Easy to look at, edgy, classic, up-to-date, crisp, modern, traditional, understated, etc.
  • Background Information

  • Thank you!

    We know this is a lot to ask, but it is a tremendous help in defining your project’s scope.

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