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Tsunami with meteors meant to show an omnious image.

Did your website survive Mobilegeddon?

  Google’s near-apocalyptic plan to possibly destroy the search rankings for websites that aren’t considered mobile-friendly.   This is because the California company decided that with the exponentially growing population of smartphone and tablet users, websites should also keep the pace by making their content easily available...

Putnam Humane Society Logo

Putnam Humane Society Website

Gilday Creative, a website and graphic design studio, has designed new branding and developed and launched a new website for Putnam Humane Society, the winner of Gilday Creative’s non-profit animal rescue website give-away, Friend of Finn. Putnam Human Society, based in Carmel, NY, received the...

SUNY Ulster Website

It all comes back full circle.

We are proud to be working with the students of SUNY Ulster's Entrepreneurial Program to develop a new website for their upcoming entrepreneurial program of a student-run on-campus boutique/kiosk called "Community Creations" that will offer high quality and eco-friendly hand made goods made by local...