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Client Need

Peck’s Pickled Peppers is a family owned business specializing in pickling Hungarian Hot Wax Peppers with a recipe acquired from a Italian family hot peppers nearly two decades ago. They began hosting make-your-own parties in their backyard which grew from 2 families to about 25. The pickled peppers became such a hit they knew they had to make it for everyone to cherish. The Peck’s came to us looking for a new product launch marketing campaign that included a whimsical and light hearted logo, packaging label, website, and print materials.

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Gilday Creative Plan

The key to the new product marketing launch campaign was to create a packaging design that would stand out from it’s competitors. To achieve this we needed to establish a fun, warm, whimsical, welcoming, and non-traditional design. The Peck’s wanted a design that would be eye-catching, one that made the shopper feel as though they needed to try Peck’s Pickled Peppers. Our goal was to make their vision a reality.

Peck's Pickled Peppers Label Mockup

The Results

Logo Design: The word “peppers” mimics the look of a Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper which creates a rustic, yet enjoyable interpretation of the identity. This showcases the product and adds to a better brand recognition. Using the red and green/blue color combination is a twist on the natural colors of the pepper.

Packaging Label Design: We created characters for the Peck’s to enforce the whimsical design of the logo. We then paired the characters with a modern multilayered typography to gain a sense of depth. The pattern in the background helps push the speech bubbles to the foreground. These labels are printed on vinyl since their is a high oil content within the product, helping to prevent the label from deteriorating when oil gets on it.

Website Design: Peck’s needed a website for their customers to be able to order their product during the off-season of winter.  We created a one page website that was cohesive with the label design. To make the design cohesive we needed to bring in the multilayered typography and the simple pattern to the website. Here the Peck’s are able to tell their story and feature recipes that their customers can try.

Print Materials: Promoting their product at farm festivals creates the need of having great marketing materials so that people will want to come to your booth. We designed rack cards, a pull up banner, a table cloth (vinyl because of the oil in the product), posters, and banners.

Peck's Pickled Pepper mockups of the pull up banner, rack card and a poster design

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