Mad batters logo on a pink background with spoons and whisks on the left side

Client Need

Mad Batters Pastries came to us looking for a new fun look for their new budding “Enchantingly Gluten Free” bakery. They were quickly growing out of their small space and building their own large commercial kitchen to expand their offerings that were flying off the shelves at local supermarkets and organic farm markets. The need for tasty baked goods that are gluten free has risen exponentially in the Hudson Valley over the last few years and not only did their products fit the bill, but also taste amazing. They needed a comprehensive branding campaign that included a new logo and food packaging labels.

Mad Batters Business card mockup
Mad Batters logo on coffee cups mockup
Mad Batters square label on pouches mockup

Gilday Creative Plan

We immediately took inspiration from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’s character The Mad Hatter. If you’ve read the book, or watched the animated movie, you know him as the amusing, nonsensical gentleman wearing his signature Wellington top hat with a slip of paper tucked in a ribbon saying “In this style 10/6” which is actually the hat’s price tag (ten shillings and six pence) indicative of The Hatter’s trade. We believed that a whimsical baker would instead have a fluffy bakers hat, with a whisk and a spoon tucked in acknowledging their tasty trade. The icon was matched with a hand lettered custom typography that is almost lyrical to capture the overall enchanted look and feel.

Mad Batters Label mockup on cake box

The Results

We implemented the new logo across multiple applications, from business cards, signage, digital graphics, and most importantly their food packaging labels! We created multiple types of labels that can be used for specific sized boxes and packages for baked goods, but also as fun stickers, or seals for pie boxes.

When we first started working with Mad Batters, they had some of their products in one local market chain, and now over the course of their hard work and dedication to their gluten free craft they are featured in over 25 locations and have opened their first brick and mortar cafe in Highland, NY!

Mad Batters square label on thumprints mockup
Mad Batters digital ad mockup

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