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As a dedicated partner to our clients, Gilday Creative helps businesses achieve their goals with dynamic marketing and branding strategies. The following questions will help us evaluate your Who, your What, and your Why. This helps us to be informed in our choices as we more forward and most importantly, help aid in the development of the brand identity. We also find that this exercise helps you really stop and think about what you really want in your brand, and how your chosen demographic might see you.

Please answer these questions below, before a kick-off meeting can be scheduled.

  • 1. Your Information

  • 2. Definition

  • This could be based on demographics such as age range, race, gender, employment level, social & economic conditions, education, income or geographic location.
  • How and where will a potential client discover your business? Newspapers, magazines, directories, print marketing materials (posters, flyers, leaflets, brochures), online (website, email, social media etc)
  • 3. Decision

  • Trust, loyalty, dependability, traditional, corporate, professional, established, edgy, modern, high-tech, fun, creative etc.
  • Stand out from the competition, highlight a new product/service, upgrade the outdated image etc.
  • Family business etc
  • 4. Design

  • Icons, symbols, imagery, characters etc.
  • Existing brand guidelines
  • Explain what caught your attention or why were you drawn to those in particular
    Logo 1Logo 2Logo 3Logo 4Logo 5 
  • Logo 1Logo 2Logo 3Logo 4Logo 5 
  • 5. Distribution

  • Printed materials, website, signage, vehicle, clothing (embroidery), merchandise, products etc.
  • Size, color, format etc.
  • 6. Deliverables

  • Ballpark figures will suffice.
  • e.g. stationary, print marketing material (posters, flyer’s etc), website presence…

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