Stoddard Custom Woodworking

Stoddard Custom Woodworking

Client Needs: Custom Construction Company needed a logo and website design to promote their services.
Our Solution: Design a logo that represents the company’s craftsmanship and a website with rich and vibrant image galleries to showcase their work.


Logo with white backgroundWe love working with creatives; those who are capable to make an amazing piece of work that is greater than the sum of its parts. Stoddard Custom Woodworking is a full-service construction company specializing in in finish carpentry, porches / decks, renovations, additions, outdoor structures, garages, kitchens, bathrooms, studios, outbuildings, and built-ins. Their work speaks for themselves, conveying a higher level craftsmanship and it was up to us to make sure their website showcased their rich portfolio of work.  We started with their monochromatic logo that is a circle encompassing a tree with an intricate arrangement of limbs.  The logo font is large, block lettering with a grainy texture as though the words were carved out of wood, conveying the overall theme of Stoddard’s services.  The coloring can be inverted to depending on what medium it is being displayed on.



Logo with black backgroundWebsite copy is key to strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and we made sure to use terms that matched their services. But we did not want to overburden the site with verbiage when a website design with a vibrant image gallery could such a better job of conveying the level work Stoddard Custom Woodworking possess. The gallery can be viewed as a group of thumbnails or individually through a slideshow and the image size can be increased if the viewer wants to see finer details of their work.


The contact page is a bit more interactive than most, where it contains a contact form like most contact pages, but it also has buttons allowing users to call and email Stoddard directly. The direct call is ideal for users viewing the site on their smart phone. As with all our website designs, we develop them to be mobile responsive, which means the website adapts to whatever medium the user is viewing the site on: smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.






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