Schneider Law Offices, PLLC

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Client’s Needs


The law offices of Bryon Schneider, Esq. needed to enhance it’s brand identity through several marketing platforms and envisioned consistent brand identity in future marketing campaigns.


Our Approach


Logos for Scheider Law OfficesWe focused to update Schneider’s logo and redesigned website to reflect the team’s level of professionalism and breadth of knowledge. The logo was designed with two color schemes: one with a white background and burgundy border and inverted version with a burgundy background and white border. From there, we extended the updated branding to a redesigned website that showcased the fields of the firm’s expertise.  Finally, we designed a billboard for an outdoor marketing campaign near geographical locations of his offices.  The purpose of the billboard is to build Schneider’s brand and give top of mind of awareness. The key to the design was to make it predominately visual with the law offices’ logo with some accompanying information.   Drivers and passengers typically only have six seconds to see a billboard, so the content can’t be too heavy.


Schneider Law Offices Website Seen on Smartphones




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