Amthor International

Amthor International

Butch and Brian Amthor standing next to a shiny Amthor Tanker Truck.Client’s Needs: Fourth generation company needed a marketing strategy promote their company, but also reflected their heritage and their future.


Our Solution: We developed a marketing strategy that included a revised website, micro-websites for targeted audiences, revised logo, trade magazines, mailers, e-mail blasts, print materials, print and digital ads, and promotional materials for trade shows.


The team at Amthor International prides itself on their innovation and the progression of their fourth-generation family owned company. Over the years, it evolved from a welding company to the largest truck tank manufacturer in America and second in the world. As they began to look toward the future, they realized that their corporate identity needed to change to reflect it. Vice-President Brian Amthor sat down with us and conveyed their need for something that captures that essence, yet still being true to the proud Amthor heritage and family history.


Amthro's new logo designLogo Design

A new identity was crafted from research and many brainstorming sessions to capture Amthor’s past and future. The new logo is a nod to Amthor International’s first logo, an “A” you’d could still see today on a truck’s mud flap around the hometown where the Amthor company started. The “A” was highlighted to show their forward momentum and the arch in the “A” mimics their global reach and the roads their target market drive on. The colors had a subtle tweak as well, to a deeper blue and polished gold because as they’ve matured as a company so has their branded colors.


Amthor website on a desktop. Butch and Brian inspecting welding work at Amthor's manufacturing facility.Website Design

The new logo design and color scheme was integrated into Amthor’s mobile responsive website. The website is quite expansive and is one of Amthor’s strongest marketing tools. A gallery of the tanks they offer is substantial part of the website with images and clear descriptions of all their tanks. It allows users to easily gloss through Amthor’s library of tanks categorized by tank use.


Amthor has taken advantage of using all the website’s marketing tools available to them such as uploading videos, having a gallery of key employees on the contact page, an easy to use listing of dealers and repair companies, promoting lease options, product specific contact pages that allow users to “build their tank”, and consistently blogging to improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to drive traffic to their site.


We maintain Amthor’s website, updating content as it becomes available. This allows the site to be current with design trends and company information. In addition, when the marketing strategy required it, we designed and developed micro-websites to promote new or specialized products.


Die cut direct mailer. The truck can be removed and turned into a 3-D truck.Die Cut Mailer

Direct mailers, with variable data, are a key part of Amthor International’s marketing strategy. We design quite a few mailers for Amthor, but we’re particularly fond of our die cut brochure. We worked with our printer to make a unique customer appreciation campaign mailer. A special “S” shaped die cut perforation was created, resulting in a mailer with a tab that opens the brochure vertically, opening the brochure in a bit of a dramatic fashion. It adds a bit of sophistication to a mailer that typically would be sent in a standard envelope.



Print ad example with Butch and Brian having a team meeting on the factory floor.Print Ads and Print Materials

We have designed print ads to be used in trade magazines and periodicals, ranging from promoting upcoming trade shows Amthor will be attending to  debuting new products and services. The key was to keep the designs consistent with Amthor’s new, but established, brand. Deviating too far from color schemes or font choice had the potential to confuse clients and potentially dilute Amthor’s brand.


We also designed print materials, as take-aways, for trade shows that Amthor attends. These materials are geared toward having attendees  go to Amthor’s website or specialized micro-websites. Key codes from the print materials are requested when visitors go the sites or when they email Amthor directly, helping Amthor quantify their Return on Investment (ROI) from having booths at trade shows.


Digital ads examples of diffent lines of trucks distributed by Amthor.Digital Ads

As the world turns it focus to digital media, it only made sense to transition from print ads to digital ads. These ads, in conjunction with strong Search Engine Marketing (SEM), give Amthor top-of-mind awareness and also drives traffic to the website.



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