Taste of New Paltz Marketing Campaign

Taste of New Paltz Marketing Campaign

Our 2017 logo.

Gilday Creative, Inc. is a proud sponsor of Taste of New Paltz and has been annually branding the day of great food, craft beer, local wine and spirits, vendors, and live entertainment. The event is organized by the New Paltz Chamber of Commerce, which Sheila Gilday is on the board. The core (pun intended) of the marketing campaign is the event logo of an apple. Each year the apple is updated to reflect another year of what delicious food and drink New Paltz has to offer.  The logo was designed by our summer intern, Erica Cerulli from The College of St. Rose. It has a chalkboard theme giving a rough texture to the apple itself and the typography within it. The black and white makes it easily legible, but possesses an uneven gritty chalk texture which compliments the bold red and black color scheme of the overall event.




Logo without secondary words.

When appropriate, the white chalk of the logo was inverted to black when the background needed to be a lighter color or white, such as for website graphics and on T-shirts. The typography for “Taste of New Paltz 2017” is the centerpiece of the apple and is fluid and possesses motion, comparable to the organic shapes and curves of an apple or an apple tree. Within the negative space of the apple are words or phrases that represents the experience of having a taste of the region’s restaurants, caterers, farm markets, brew masters, and wineries: Eat, Drink, Music, Festival, Support Local Businesses, etc. These secondary words emphasize the organic nature of the apple and the flourishes of the “Taste of New Paltz 2017”. At times, only “Taste of New Paltz 2017” is in the logo to emphasize the event name.




Based on the logo, we designed a series of marketing materials to promote the event: mailers, flyers, rack card, billboards, website graphics, event program, social media banners, snapchat filter, digital ads, T-shirts, and thank you cards.



We had fun branding the 2017 Taste of New Paltz, exemplifying how a marketing campaign can have a consistent message, but allow for some variability in design. Using the apple logo as the focal point of all the marketing materials provided a uniform brand image, but the logo was augmented to work well in different mediums used throughout the campaign.


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