• Farm level
  • Footbal game level
  • Beach Level
  • Zombie Apocalypse Level
  • Delivered 4 potties

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Game App Development




Porta Potty Truck for Game App Development

Porta Potty Truck

Every once and awhile we get the opportunity to work on something new and exciting, and our game app development project really delivered (pun intended).


We’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with Amthor International over the last six years, and over that time we’ve strategically updated their branding, marketing materials, websites, and digital marketing campaigns as the competitive landscape changed and the company evolved. An important part of that process has been our yearly strategic marketing plans we created with Amthor’s Marketing Director and Vice President. During our planning session in 2018 for the coming year, the idea of creating a mobile game app for the portable restroom industry took hold and we knew we needed to make it happen.


Amthor's real porta potty delivary truck.

Amthor International’s Flat Vac Portable Restroom Tank Truck.

The idea started the with the concept of a fun mobile game that had a flat vac portable restroom truck (commonly called a Porta-potty Truck) break down and the drivers devised a way to take the contents of the truck (poop) and make it power the truck. Then you have to try to deliver a load of porta-potties to a transfer station/destination and along the way there are obstacles and terrain hurdles that increase in difficulty. The stages are: farmland, music festival, carnival, football game, beach, and the zombie apocalypse. Strategically, it was used to capture a younger demographic of the portable restroom/vacuum tank industry, while having fun. The project was scheduled to launch at the largest industry trade show in February, the WWETT Show, so in order to meet the deadline we started the project early.



Our Process


Rainbow colored poop powerup for Game App Development

Dump-n-Drive Powerup

We set up the project in  phases: Idea, Concepting, Design/Create, Development, Beta Testing, and Launch! The idea phase took place during our strategic marketing meeting with Amthor. During discovery, we did a competitive analysis, art prototyping and storyboarding.  During Create, we developed game mechanics, game features scope, and individual designs for all six levels. In Development, we finalized design style, built the game, and created additional game features as needed as the game evolved. Beta Testing was working with a focus group of dedicated game testers to let us know what was working, what wasn’t, and how we could improve. It was many hours of discussion, drawing, working on detailed levels of backgrounds, development, coding on couches, mini-huddles with our game developer as he rolled around on an exercise ball… and donuts. Glorious pink donuts.


Then there was Launch. Because publishing an app to the app store with the idea that a game such as ours could be considered crude or in poor taste (it’s a truck that’s essentially pooping across the screen) it was important to apply early because it could be denied.


And it was.


We’ll spare you the screenshot from apple saying it was a stain on the earth causing our immediate deflation that it had just too much “poop” in it. We learned that because of the initial denial any other uploads would be heavily scrutinized, which meant more time to wait.


Because we built in that extra buffer time for the project, we were able to change a few things, mainly the exhaust color from browns to rainbow (which is still hilarious) and crossed our fingers…. and waited 7 days….. and….. it passed with literal flying rainbow colors.


Are you looking to highlight a product or service in this new and fun way? Have a big trade show or event coming up and want to do something a little different? Or maybe you just have an idea for a fun game for mobile devices just like this one? Contact us to set up a meeting to go over your idea and see if we can make some magic happen.

Note: No animals, humans, or zombies were harmed in the production of this game app.





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