Brand Identity for Liquid Biotech, USA

Brand Identity for Liquid Biotech, USA

Client Need: Biotechnology Start-Up Needed a Brand Identity.

Our Solution: Design a logo and website the promotes their diagnostic technology.


We developed the brand identity for Liquid Biotech, USA, a biotechnology start-up. Their mission is to develop non-invasive diagnostics tests to allow clinicians to safely and effectively discover cancer earlier, manage those patients that have cancer more effectively, and to allow for a greater vigilance to those patients that are in remission from this deadly disease. The company had no brand identity and needed to differentiate themselves from their competition while promoting their diagnostic technology to potential investors.


The logo is very similar to a drop of water or a drop of blood. The aim of their technology is to determine if a patient has cancer by analyzing a drop of their blood. So, the drop imagery conveys how the technology works and represents the name of their company. The center of the drop is a round red circle representing blood, similar to how it would appear on a diagnostic slide. The color scheme behind the drop gives it a strong background to view the drop easily while giving the logo warmth and differentiating itself from some competitors’ cold logo designs. Based on the logo, we also designed their stationary which includes business cards and letterhead, marketing materials used at trade shows and investor relation meetings, as well as a robust and responsive website.


The website color scheme compliments the colors of the logo and the website images were selected with similar colors of the logo. The images were a combination of the client’s established graphics, scientific imagery, and colorful stock photos conveying warmth and confidence. The website’s navigation conveys the technical information in a clear and concise matter. The information is separated in a way that the user can easily focus on the science behind the technology, the results of their clinical trials, and the people within the organization.



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