Mar’s Internship Experience!

Intern recipe: one part play and one part work.

Mar’s Internship Experience!

My summer at Gilday Creative has certainly been equal amounts of participating in an amusing and witty office environment as well as a wonderful learning experience.

Contrary to popular belief, we interns did not spend the majority of our time making copies and getting coffee.


Okay, I did that maybe twice. My first day here, I felt instantly welcome when no one was surprised when I asked if they cared if I took my shoes off at the desk (they didn’t). Odin also made it very clear that he was very happy to have two new friends in the office. More people = more snacks!


I was very excited to see the different marketing-related tasks that Steve had assigned for the duration of the summer. Over the weeks, I was surprised at how much my coursework at SUNY New Paltz related to what was being asked of me, which is something any college advisor would be thrilled about, not to mention that it was the first time I realized that those 8 A.M. lecture classes do actually serve a purpose.


I believe that the experience had touched on pretty much everything that I had hoped to take away from the internship, some of which included advancing my research, writing, and revision skills, organizational capabilities, and lastly, improving my time management techniques.


Apart from completing my intern responsibilities, one of my bigger accomplishments was getting Sheila to listen to and eventually enjoy country music while we were working…although she won’t admit it!


I recommend anyone interested should apply for a summer internship at Gilday Creative because Sheila, Steve, and Emily are all excellent teachers that are always there to help and thoroughly answer any questions their interns may have. (There’s no such thing as a stupid question, trust me on this one.) I am very grateful to have had this entertaining, learning opportunity.


Thank you so much!


~ Mar Jahan; Marketing Intern, Summer 2015 ~