Millbrook Air

Millbrook Air

When we announced the launch of the new website for Millbrook Air, based at Stewart International Airport, we decided to have a bit of fun and use a few puns associated with aviation.  Unfortunately dear reader, this portfolio case study will be no different.  We were excited when we landed this project because an airplane’s sleek, elegant design inspires a clean and modern design.  We took the core values of the previous site and gave it an updated look while maintaining its brand identity and integrating the color scheme with the logo.


One of the key characteristics the client requested was to have a website built on a content management system (CMS) so that they can make periodic updates on the fly and not have to rely on an outside company to conduct the updates.  Relying on a third party can lead to updates being left up in the air and not being completed in time.  Post launch, we gave training to Millbrook Air’s team so that they could learn how to maintain/update their site without having to wing it on their own.  We made sure they knew how to effectively log in, navigate throughout the site, and update copy and images.


The site is designed for both clients and pilots in mind.  The landing page highlights the company’s excellent safety record and its top navigation allows users to explore the jets’ interiors and exteriors while evaluating the planes’ capabilities (number of seats, speed, maximum distance, etc.). Users can also request a quote by constructing their own itinerary and selecting available aircraft.  A separate section for pilots focuses on flight tracking, charter schedules, aircraft logs, and online accounting.


We enjoyed working Millbrook Air and think their new website will take their brand to new heights.