Catskill Art & Office Supply

Catskill Art & Office Supply

A beloved local business, Catskill Art & Office Supply, needed to have their web presence updated. A fresh, clean, consistent look that was friendly and inviting was the ultimate goal.


 A landing page with an animation was the first introduction to Catskill’s previous website. Once inside, it had a lot of elements competing for attention and a different design on some top level pages. Rounded corners and an introduction page made the website look outdated. Multiple typefaces and colors made the pages busy.


Foremost, a consistent, clean and professional look were our highest priorities. Catskill Art & Office has been in business for over 35 years and has been a mainstay in the vibrant art communities in the Hudson Valley. But they are not an art super store.

Next we wanted to make sure that Catskill’s personality and approach-ability came through. We encouraged the use of photographs of the employees for friendliness. Texture and colors were a great way to illustrate the “Catskill experience.”