Amthor International

Amthor International

The team at Amthor International prides itself on innovation and the evolution of its 4th generation family owned company. As they began to look toward the future, they realize that their corporate identity needed to change to reflect it.

Vice President Brian Amthor sat down with us and conveyed their need for something that captures that essence, yet still being true to the proud Amthor heritage and family history.

A new identity was crafted from research and many brainstorming sessions to capture that exact feeling. The new logo is a nod to Amthor International’s first logo, an “A” you’d could still see today on a truck’s mudflap around the hometown where the Amthor company started. The “A” was highlighted to show their forward momentum, the arch in the “A” mimics their global reach and also the roads their target market drive on, and bold typography to show their strength as company. The colors had a subtle tweak as well, to a deeper blue and polished gold, because as they’ve matured as a company, so have their branded colors.

Also included in this rebranding was creating a new responsive website, new professional photography and launching of a new marketing campaign called “More than made in America”.


Branding, Graphic Design, Maintenance, Website