Gilday Creative is Proud Sponsor of the Bike For Cancer Care!

Gilday Creative is Proud Sponsor of the Bike For Cancer Care!

Hudson Valley design studio Gilday Creative is honored to be a Gold Sponsor of the Rosemary Gruner Memorial Cancer Fund’s Bike For Cancer Care which is taking place on September 21, 2014!

In it’s eleventh year, the Bike for Cancer Care goal has been to raise money and keep it local to support cancer patients in our community. So many of our friends and neighbors are fighting cancer, and struggling emotionally and financially. This event raises funds to help them during this critical time. As read in their mission statement “to aid in the treatment, care and support of cancer patients in need while undergoing treatment.”

To date, distributions have been made to over 1000 patients and their families in all areas of the Mid-Hudson Valley.


What do they actually do:

Every $500 raised helps cover the expense of food and transportation for a cancer patient and their family each year. The Fund currently provides assistance in the form of grocery and/or fuel gift cards to patients who meet the financial and clinical qualifications. For many, this is a life changing means of support.

You can read more fund facts on their website by clicking here.

A little bit about the event:

The Bike for Cancer Care offers four rides — a Round Robin Ride within Dietz Stadium (friendly kids competition) and a 12-, 25- & 50 mile ride all traveling throughout Ulster County.

Each route will begin at Dietz Stadium in Kingston. The 12 mile ride will extend to Hurley, the 25 mile ride will extend to Marbletown, Stone Ridge and Rosendale before returning to Kingston, and the 50 mile ride continuing to the Shawangunk Mountains of New Paltz.

Why are we a sponsor?

Giving back to the community we belong to is a one of our key values here at Gilday Creative, Inc. We appreciate how hard the members of this organization work to support and help cancer patients in our local community. They are helping real people in Ulster County who are or could be our friends, family and neighbors. To us, it’s all about giving back.

I encourage you to check out their website and learn more about their amazing work.