This is not a standard blog post for a design studio, but more a personal shout out to those who have inspired and supported us into the next phase of business.


As one of the co-owners, I’ve had the pleasure (and stress, ha!) of watching Gilday Creative grow from a tiny freelance business into a full fledged design studio in just a few short years. I still can’t absorb it all. The idea of being able to do something I love and make a difference in someone elses life or business is just wonderful. For example, creating a new brand and website for a freelance editor were he can showcase his amazing talent,  redesigning a website for a 100% volunteer pit bull rescue so they can have a better way of getting their dogs adopted, or taking the random thoughts from a happy bride and creating wedding materials that captured everything she ever wanted and more… it’s really a dream come true.


Because of these amazing people and their constant positive recommendations to others, we are now able to take Gilday Creative into the next phase as full time creative business. Taking this exciting step will allow for us to help more individuals, small businesses, and local non-profits and give them a chance to shine and succeed. We also joined the Ulster County Chamber of Commerce as we think it will be a great opportunity to network and see what we can do to help Ulster County thrive.


We moved into our new office at Seven21 Media Center in Kingston on Saturday, and aside from hanging some artwork and finishing touches it’s all ready to go. We’re in the midst of planning an Open House / Office Warming party for the end of the month to welcome visitors, so check back for details.


In closing, thank you to everyone that helped us get to where we are today, thank you for the words of encouragement when things seemed daunting, thank you to Bill who moved and assembled office furniture for food, and thank you to our families for even though you might not exactly know what we do (Hi Mom!) you are shouting out to the rooftops about your pride and excitement for us.


And one more thing. Thank you to Finnegan, our three legged dog, letting us know that anything is possible.