A Hudson Valley Creative Institution

A Hudson Valley Creative Institution

Catskill_Website_afterA beloved local business with 3 locations across the Hudson Valley, Catskill Art & Office Supply, needed to have their web presence updated and they came to Gilday Creative to make it happen. Their goal for the redesign was something fun and different, yet targeted to a newer generation of artists who rely heavily on technology and are more information driven.

The first introduction to the previous COAS website was a flash animated landing page that a user had to view first then click “Enter” to actually get to the information they were looking for. Once inside, it had a lot of elements competing for attention and a different design on some top level pages which overall made the website look outdated and confusing. On top of that, there was multiple typefaces and competing colors which made the site extremely busy! For a company trying to compete with the likes of Dick Blick & Pearl Paint, that just wasn’t helping their cause.

We attacked the new Catskill site like Leonardo would have his Mona Lisa. But we know we were smiling!

Take a look at the new CatskillArt.com.

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